I was called to the desert by God

Published on 16 May 2023 at 20:00

I was called to the desert by God


He looked down on me and saw my broken shell

The pieces that were left of me

Lying on the floor


I called out to Him in desperation

“Lord open a door, any door, and I shall enter!”

And He heard my cries


God opened a door for me into the desert

He told me to go west to a place

I’d never been before


I packed up my life, my son, my cats

And made the four day journey to a place unknown


I beheld the vast mountains with eyes that could not contain their beauty

Felt the heat and dry air embrace me is a hug

And I was washed in peace


God had led me to a place of healing

To a place where life is a bit slower with its one way streets

And four-way stop signs


He told me that the tumbleweeds would move me 

He told me the deer and javelina would amaze me

He told me to allow the desert to heal my brokenness


I was called to the desert by God

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Erzulie S Clarke
a year ago

Very Nice